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Tea Tree Oil Wash

Our 3-In-1 Tea Tree Oil Wash is packed with healing benefits for your whole body from your scalp to toes, literally. Tea Tea Oil is known for its powerful anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties for those who struggle with skin acne, inflammation, oily skin, and Eczema. Tea Tree Oil has also been known to improve dryness and remove dandruff from the scalp. This 3-In-1 Tea Tree Oil Wash might just be the only thing you need in your shower ! 


Expect an extra gentle, deeply moisturizing & super rich lather when you use Bodi Veganz Plant-Based Shower Gels. 


Our natural castile soap formula will restore you skin's natural pH, while washing away impurities & toxins making it great for all skin types including sensitive skin/babies and, also,  scented naturally with pure plant/fruit extracts only.


Chemicals like Alcohols, Chlorides, Aluminums, Sulfates & Parabens dont belong in your skincare products, make sure to always read the ingredients before using products.

Tea Tree Oil Wash

PriceFrom $4.99

Water, Saponified Grapeseed Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Babassu Oil, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera, Fruit Derived Citric Acid, Rosemary Extracts. May contain plant/fruit extracts for aroma.