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Salt+Sugar Scrubs

Turmeric & Citrus - Due to its antimicrobial, lightening & anti-inflammatory properties this turmeric scrub helps eliminate bacteria, lighten dark scars and treat inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, and eczema with regular use. Known for its brightening, detoxifying and healing qualities that leaves your skin with a lustrious glow every time !


Lavender Falls - Calming aroma of english lavender fields & neroli blossoms. 


Mystic Malibu - Fresh outdoor mountain inspired aroma of cedarwood, sandalwood and agarwood. 


Japanese Gardens - Beautiful silky aroma of a cherry blossom garden combined with our Pink himalayan salt & Cane sugar.


Cypress Blue Mint - Fresh cooling aroma of crushed mint leaves & northern cypress forest. 


Coffee & Cane Sugar - Besides enjoying the relaxing aroma of fresh coffee, the natural acids in coffee help reduce inflammation and protect against bacteria. The coffee in this scrub will help restore your skins pH & natural glow while scrubbing away dead skin cells and unwanted toxins while promoting healthy skin cell growth leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. 


Suggested Use: 3-4 times weekly as a Body, Face, Hand & Foot Scrub.

Salt+Sugar Scrubs


Exfoliating Cane Sugar & Mineral Salt, Essential Oils, Moisturizing Oil Blend.

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