Cane Sugar & Coffee Scrub

Moisturizing, non-greasy & rich in antioxidants, Bodi Veganz exfoliating Cane Sugar & Coffee Scrub will help restore your natural complexion while scrubbing away unwanted toxins while promoting healthy skin cell growth. 


Our exfoliating scrub is 100% chemical-free, using only ingredients from the earth you adore. Coffee & Sugar helps improve circulation & soften skin while gently scrubbing away dead skin cells.


Bodi Veganz's Organic Coffee & Brown Sugar Scrub exfoliates your skin to help give you a fresher, sexier & more moisturized appearance.


Suggested Use: 2-3 Times weekly as a body, face, hand or foot scrub !

Cane Sugar & Coffee Scrub


Ground Coffee, Organic Cane Sugar, Babassu Oil.