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Vegan Soap Bars

Our vegetable glycerin soap bars are super moisturizing creating a rich creamy lather on your skin, while gently cleansing away the daily impurities and oils on your skins surface and locking in the moisure into your pores.  Our natural vegetable glycerin soap bars are soft on your skin & wont leave it dry while restoring your skins natural pH level.


Bodi Veganz vegetable glycerin soap bars are all-natural, hand poured in small batches and doesn’t contain any alcohols, animal by-products/milk, chemical fragrances or any other chemical-based ingredients that could irritate your skin like some commercial soaps. Bodi Veganz soap bars are a great option for people with sensitive skin or who just love plant based skin care products. 


Turmeric & Citrus - Helps lighten darkspots from hyperpigmentation, Acts as an anti-inflammatory to irritated skin and has anti-baterial properties to improve skin affected by acne breakouts & prevents future breakouts with daily use.


Sea Moss - This bar soap is richly hydrating as it provides a protective layer to your skin while giving it a protein boost from the many vitamins & minerals that are naturally found in Irish Sea Moss that is harvested from the ocean waters of St.Lucia.


Lavender - This beautiful natural aroma of fresh lavender petals helps in reducing stress, rejuvenating skin, amongst many other healing & soothing benefits naturally found in lavender pedals. 


Aloe & Shea - Contains 10x more moisturizers than regular soap bars due to the natural aloe thats infused inside to give you softer, smoother, more radiant looking skin. This two-in-one soap bar keeps your skin soft and your skin tone supple & bright. 



Suggested Use: Lather on a Washcloth or Loofah for daily use on your face & body, or use as Hand Soap. 


Vegan Soap Bars

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